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How to talk to your parents about cannabis: 101

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How to talk to your parents about cannabis: 101

Talking to your parents about anything somewhat personal can be awkward, of course depending on your relationship with your parents but still, awkward.

Although cannabis laws around the world are radicalising, cannabis is still treated as a harmful and taboo subject.  In some states in the US, you can be jailed for life for possessing even just a gram of cannabis!

Being a cannabis consumer, medical or otherwise has always had a negative connotation surrounding it. You’re unemployed, a criminal, an ‘out-of-control’ addict or losing it, somehow these are the active social stigmas around cannabis.

As you go through childhood, you’re taught that your parents are pristine and wouldn’t do anything that was against the rules, so, even the thought of telling our parents of our appreciation and consumption of cannabis sends our hearts and minds into overdrive, because they probably won’t be that thrilled.

But, truth is, minds are changing, legislation is spreading and your parents? They probably smoked back in their hayday.

Besides, concealing the fact you consume some dry herbs from time to time becomes silly. Hiding something so harmless becomes pointless.

It’s an understandably hard conversation to have especially if you come from a conservative family who are unlikely to take the secret well. So, lets figure out how you will tell your family your wee(d) secret. 

They probably know! 

Truth is, if you have been smoking dry herbs for some years now, your family probably know or are suspicious.

If you listen to a lot of Queens of the Stone Age or love the colours red, yellow and green a bit too much than they probably already know.

Telling them won’t come as a surprise, especially if you’re forever leaving lighters in your pockets and your Mum or Dad finds them as they’re doing the washing.

But if you keep that secret near and dear to your heart then here are a few ways to tackle the talk!  

Ask if they’ve tried? 

If your parents grew up in the 70’s or 80’s a time of social change, Madonna, The Smiths and the Rubik Cube then more than likely they consumed the sweet, sweet herb at some stage in their life and they didn’t try it, I’m sure they were exposed to it by their friends.

Ask them if they tried it, if say they no, well at least the conversation has started. 

Laws surrounding the controlled substance are topical (and changing) so casually mention that you saw on Facebook as you were scrolling.  

Learn the facts 

Ignorance is bliss and has been the narrative surrounding cannabis legislation for many years now.

While legislation is on the horizon and people are warming up to the idea, there is many people who carry misinformation around with them.

Educate the fam. Tell them of the health benefits. How safe it is. Break the stigma. People are stubborn, especially family but facts don’t lie, and knowledge is power.   

Ease yourself into the conversation 

Maybe mention it off hand, if you’re watching a movie and someone lights up, say that you’ve tried it.

It will spark your parent’s curiosity, get them talking, perhaps they’ll tell of many nights spent in a blissful haze with their friends listening to music.  

Sooner or later, it will come down to being honest. Doing the things above will ease your parents into the idea of you consuming bud.

But, there will come a day when the truth must be spoken. You may be surprised by how ok the ‘rents might be.

When the time comes, you will feel much better you told them and you will be okay!

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