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How to Make Your Own Weed Advent Calendar

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How to Make Your Own Weed Advent Calendar

A great man once said ‘It’s Chriiiiiissssstmasss!’, I can’t remember who, but it was probably Albert Einstein. Christmas comes equipped with a whole host of different traditions. Some are ancient, like Christmas Trees, and some are new, like the Elf on the Shelf (a great way to teach your children what it's going to be like to live in a surveillance state).

Now we’re all herb fans here (well, except the ad-bots, they’re code scripts and therefore straight edge) and as herb fans we have have to insert our favorite thing into literally everything we encounter. That’s what Cheech, Chong, and Kevin Smith do, and damn it, it’s worked out pretty well so far.

So with this in mind we’re going to teach you how to make your very own weed advent calendar, so you can enjoy your favorite herb with a suitably festive flourish.

How to Make Your Own Weed Advent Calendar

24 Days

Advent calendars traditionally have 24 days on them, bringing you from the first day of December right up to Christmas Eve. We’re gonna round it up to 25 so you have something to open on Christmas Day, as opening things on Christmas Day is rad and good. So, you have 25 spaces to fill.

The First Strain of Christmas

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of individual strains of cannabis. This means that you can pack your calendar's days with a different strain for every day. Of course, this may not be the easiest thing to narrow down. Don’t lose the run of yourself and end up over-packing your calendar; causing it to fall off the wall, crush your cat, and ruin Christmas.

Nativity Nosh

So if strains are a bit overwhelming, then why not look into making different types of edibles? You can wedge weed into nearly anything, from brownies to brioche, from candy to lollipops (admittedly just candy on a stick). The edible route will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth every day of Christmas! And what is Christmas if not a time to over indulge in sugar?

How to Make Your Own Weed Advent Calendar

Bells Jingle, and Bong

You could also pack your advent calendar with a whole variety of weed accessories. You can fit everything from one-hitters to pocket-sized grinders into your calendar. You can make sure that you’ll have myriad ways to enjoy your herb throughout the Christmas break!

Why Not All of This, At Once?

Hey, it’s your calendar, so why not shove all of the above into it and have a truly impressive advent calendar?!

How to Make Your Own Weed Advent Calendar

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