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How Long Does THC Stay in Your System

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How Long Does THC Stay in Your System

Tetrahydrocannabinol, AKA THC; It's the molecule that we all know and love. Is it a coincidence that THC is only one letter away from TLC? Yes, but that’s beside the point. No matter why you found yourself drawn to herb, we can make an educated guess that it was down to THC. 

THC causes euphoria, relaxation, and endless hunger for salty snacks, but it also lingers in your body. Some employers, government agencies, and intrusive family members frown upon the use of THC and like to test the levels in your body.  

Now, we know that it lingers in your body, but how long? To understand this, we must first look at what THC does in your body. 

What Does THC Do? 

THC arrives in your bloodstream a few short moments after you smoke it, or, if you eat it you can expect it to make its sanguine debut after about 20 minutes. THC has short-term attacks on memory, learning, problem-solving, coordinating, and lust for junk food. It usually lasts for about one or two hours, but sometimes the effects can linger for an entire 24 hours. In short, don’t drive while it’s still affecting you.  

How Long Does It Stay in Your Blood? 

THC can be detected in your bloodstream for a few hours. Soon after that it disappears as it breaks down and is metabolizedDisappearing completely.  

How Long Does It Stay in Your Urine? 

Though your body metabolises THC after a few hours, this doesn’t eradicate all evidence of it. Detectable elements can be found in your body that will out you as a herb fiend. Traces of THC can still be found in your urine for up to 13 hours after you toke. It’s the same story for your number twos. Just saying. 

Can You Beat The Test? 

In short; maybe, but you will need prep time. 

Flush Out 

You can help clean the THC out of your system by drinking, and passing, a hell of a lot of water. The more you drink the more your urine will be diluted with water, and the harder it will be to detect THC in your system. 

Screen It 

There are products on the market that purport to be able to screen the presence of THC in your body. The effectiveness of them is highly questionable, but the theory is sound; you essentially mask the metabolic evidence of THC with other, less illicit chemicals. 

Tamper With it 

Salt, bleach, and detergent can all be dissolved into a urine test, skewing the results. Don’t do this. It is... less than ethical. Don’t do it. 

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