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Healthy Rips Fury 2 Review - Small, Hybrid and Furious Vaporizer

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Fury 2 Portable Vaporizer Review

FURY 2 Vaporizer I Everyonedoesit UK

The Fury 2 is the perfect vaporizer for users who'd like to keep their spending reasonable without giving up full temperature control.
Many of the people who are attracted to vaporizers are first drawn in by their health benefits. They remove a lot of unhealthy carcinogens from the process by avoiding combustion; they also free you from tar, toxins, soot, and smoke. Each hit on a vape delivers nothing besides flavourful vapour with the active ingredients of your choice.
Keeping this in mind, it's not hard to see why a manufacturer might make healthiness a priority when designing and marketing their products. Healthy Rips is, as its name strongly suggests, a company that does exactly that. The Fury 2 is their latest vaporizer. This is an upgrade to the company's original Fury model. Additions for the Fury 2 include better silicone seals, a discreet 'stealth' mode for less obtrusive vaping, and 3-click activation.


The Fury 2 scores highly when it comes to user-friendliness. Loading it is simply a matter of removing the mouthpiece to give access to the chamber. When using herb, the chamber holds roughly 0.15 grams. Note that a vape like this requires finely-ground herb to be effective. A fine grind exposes a larger surface area to the device's heating elements. This results in higher-quality vapour in larger amounts.
Once the Fury 2 is loaded, simply tap the activation button three times and start vaping. Arcane draw techniques are not required!

Full Temperature Adjustment

With the Fury 2, you can take full control of your device's operating temperature. The vaporizer has an integrated LCD screen for temperature control. This feature is typically only found on high-end devices; seeing it brought into a more affordable price range by the Fury 2 is wonderful.

Conduction Vaping

The Fury 2 operates with a reliable conduction heating system. It heats up your herb through direct contact, not unlike the heating elements on a cooktop. Conduction heating is a smart choice for a vaporizer because it is simple to operate and fast. You'll find controlling the system to be entirely intuitive, and freedom from an irritating warm-up time is much appreciated.

Design Features

The exterior of the Fury 2 has a tough rubberized coating to make it easy to carry and hard to drop. The plastic used for moulding the mouthpiece is admittedly a little flimsy, but the impact this has on the taste is minimal.
Cleaning is a simple task with the Fury 2. The chamber includes a steel screen that you can remove for thorough cleaning. This ensures the flavour of your vaping is always as fresh as you want it to be.
The accessories bundled with the vaporizer include a charger, protective cover, cleaning kit, tank for concentrates, and spare gaskets.

Battery Performance

The Fury 2 has a 1600mAh battery that delivers satisfying heating for up to 10 sessions between charges. The battery is, unfortunately, integral to the device. This makes it impossible to swap it out and puts a limit on the device's overall lifespan.


FURY 2 Kit I Everyonedoesit UK

The Fury 2 delivers impressive performance and a noteworthy range of features, especially considering its very affordable price. The undeniable drawbacks are the non-replaceable battery and the plastic mouthpiece, but these are very minor complaints easily outweighed by the products significant advantages.
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