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Grow Box Truth: 15 Key Questions Answered!

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Grow Box Truth: 15 Key Questions Answered!

In the modern landscape, attitudes are changing, misinformation is being exposed, prohibition repealed and research continues into cannabinoids, hemp and the various by products in that sphere.

You may be looking at all of this and thinking it all brings new meaning to the phrase “Green Thumb,” but truly the Hemp plant and its flowers offer some of the greatest challenges, but also rewards for the committed Horticulturalist. 

Homegrown. You’ve heard the expression, maybe even bought some of this exceptional-qualities-implied variety of herb, but did you realize just how easy it can be now to produce your own?

Modern herb enthusiasts want to engage with all aspects of their experience, some going so far as to treat it holistically, and want to go from seed to smoke, in the same way that foraged cooking and organic vegetable boxes have gained a chíc popularity again as they’ve come back into vogue.

Maybe you want to cross breed your favourite strains, or perhaps there are certain terpenes you want to infuse into a particular recipe, or if you’re simply concerned with getting back to basics and exercising that green thumb- whatever the case- our range of Grow Boxes has you covered.  

Grow Box BloomBox with all included accessories pictured

Dedicated technology now exists that can help you throughout this process, automating some of the major aspects of caring for these complex plants.

Modern computer and robotics technologies combine with sensors and algorithms to ensure that conditions remain optimal at all times within these grow boxes. 

Air, Moisture, Heat, CO2 Uptake, Light and Lumens absorption; with these facets taken care of by your dedicated Grow Box, you can focus on the artistry of horticulture, cross breeding, experimenting, and otherwise pushing at the boundaries of this extraordinary plant.

Closeup of Cannabis plant flowers grown in Grow box

We've listened to our customers' queries and concerns regarding these products, and want to help answer, so we've complied this list of Grow Box FAQs. Hopefully it helps, but drop us a line if you need more info.


Hydroponic growing system cross section

"What is a Grow Box?"

A grow box is a self contained growing environment, particularly useful for indoor horticulture. It contains systems that try to mimic nature and natural processes while providing the components your plants will need.

"What Does Hydroponic Mean?"

The term hydroponic refers to the practice of growing plants not in soil, but in mineral rich liquid nutrient solutions. The practice is cleaner, more efficient and effective than growing in soils or other solids. All of the Grow Boxes you'll find on EveryoneDoesIt are hydroponic systems.

“So what should I look for in a Grow Box?”

Discretion, Security, Quality, there are many factors to consider when purchasing one of these devices.

The current industry standard has been being set by BC Northern Lights since their inception in early 2001. We’ve listened to our customers concerns about purchasing these products, and we’ve written up our findings. This blog should put your mind at ease, serving as a buyers’ guide to obtaining your first Grow Box.

“Will growing plants indoors attract insects? Can these pests hurt my plants?”

One of the main concerns of indoor horticulturalists is how to keep insects, parasites and pests away from their perfectly warm and moist growing areas. These areas will of course attract insect life, but the security measures built into this range of Grow Boxes ensure that ingress is very difficult. 

The biggest chance insect life has to enter your grow box and affect the internal environment is when the unit is open. Keep the room it is contained in as sterile as possible to help prevent this. 

Some growers like to release predatory bugs that feed on pests, but prevention is always better than the cure.

“What type of lights do Grow Boxes have?”

MIGRO 200 Grow Light

One of your primary concerns when beginning a grow operation is lighting. How can you ensure that these plants will receive enough photons to activate photosynthesis and respiration? 

BC Northern Lights Grow Boxes know from experience that the best way to light a grow box is to use cost effective high intensity discharge lamps, to make sure your growing operation is as cost effective as possible. 

The bulbs that are used in these products pump out more lumens than the plant can absorb, instigating and fuelling photosynthesis. 

It’s vital that plant experience day and night while they are growing. Optimal times for this may not sync up with the time of year, weather and other light-affecting conditions in your area. A Grow Box allows you to take full control of this, and maximise the daytime hours, which are optimal for growth. 

Later in the plants life, about 12 hours of daylight sun is best to ensure uniform flowering. You can imagine the stress of trying to organise these conditions without dedicated equipment. 

BCNL Grow Boxes use digital ballasts to ensure the lights don’t overheat, upsetting the carefully maintained internal temperature of your grow box. 

In terms of the colour spectrum of lights, the BCNL range offers a mixture of both “warm” and “cool” coloured light, attempting to replicate the Sun’s natural light.

“Is the box heated, do I need to keep my plants warm or cool?”

Too much internal heat can be damaging to your plants. Luckily, the BCNL range of Grow Boxes comes equipped with the latest innovations in cooling technology, including air coolant for the internal lights, which can raise the temperature ever so slightly above optimal. Such an increase may affect the chemical composition of your final yield. 

The bulbs used in BCNL Grow Boxes are used because they give off very little heat.

“Will my Grow Box smell?”

There are a number of tactics that the home grower can deploy to make sure that that sweet sticky scent stays in the one place, and BCNL grow boxes incorporate all of these. 

▪️ Activated Carbon Filters

▪️ Circulation and Exhaust Fans

▪️ Ozone Generators

▪️ Odor Masking Agents – ONA Block

"Will my plants be secure?"

With their commitment to odour control, as well as sturdy locks that only you the owner can use, BCNL Grow Boxes are created with security and discretion in mind. Nobody other than the owner need know what is happening inside.

"What's a dryer in relation to Grow Boxes?"

You could dry your flowers out naturally over time, but this will be a time consuming process. With a BC Northern Lights Dryer Box, you can securely store your flowers in an odour protected unit as they dry much more efficiently than they do in the open.

"What do I need to get started?"

Beginning life in a BCNL Power Cloner, growing up in a Mothership unit, flowering in their dedicated flowering box and finally drying in a specialised Dryer is a sure fire way to grow great plants. However all of these component parts will cost more and take up more space. 

To get you started BC Northern Lights have created The BloomBox Grow Box. An all-in-one unit that can take you from seed to flowers without needing expensive extra units. 

The choice is yours, an all-in-one system exists, but total perfectionists will want specialised equipment for every step of the way.

"Are Grow Boxes legal in the UK?"

Grow Boxes are completely legal worldwide, however, what you choose to grow in them may not be. Please take care to only grow legal plants that aren’t legally controlled in your new Grow Box.

"Can anyone use a Grow Box?"

Yes, anyone could use the BC Northern Lights Grow Box range and achieve good results. Detailed instructions, an online community and forum, a 24/7 customer care & growing advice hotline and a three year warranty mean that first time growers will have all the support they need. 

We’d recommend these products for people with at least some experience in horticulture in order to achieve optimum results. Experience is the best precursor to success in this field. 

"What do the Royale and Royale w/cheese Versions include?"

A good question! These are simply the names that BC Northern Lights give to their packages, increasing in prestige right up to the Royale w/Cheese. 

With the basic package you still get everything you need to grow a full crop, but opt for the Royale and you get an upgraded lighting system, and the Royale w/Cheese includes further upgraded lighting, as well as reflectors, to ensure light absorption by your plants. 

Each level comes with increasing concentrations of BCNL’s signature blend of nutrients.

"What are the disadvantages of home grow boxes?"

A grow box is a big initial investment, and it does take up considerable floor space, particularly if you have a Mothership setup and separate units for flowering and drying. These are things you’ll need to evaluate carefully before making a purchase. 

There are issues of legality about what you’re growing in these, please be aware of the law where you live and obey it to its full extent.

And finally, 

"Who are BC Northern Lights?"

BC Northern Lights are the manufacturers of the Grow Boxes we stock here on EveryoneDoesIt, they’re a company who are passionate about hydroponics, and who manufacture what we’ve found in our research to be the market leading option for home growers. They set themselves apart through their superior build quality, pragmatic functionality, and a customer service that is second to none, with both an online knowledge base and a 24/7 Customer care and advice line. 

You won’t be disappointed by these guys, you’ll soon see why their products are the only grow boxes we will stock.

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