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Grenco Science Vs Haze Vaporizer Comparison

Posted by Adam Cazes on

Grenco Science Vs Haze Vaporizer Comparison

Choosing a new vaporizer can be difficult. The UK vaporizer scene is packed to the brim with amazing pieces that any vape aficionado would be happy to own.
However how do you know what’s right for you? To help you with this decision we’ve compared two vaporizers, one high end and one more affordable so you can see what’s right for you.

Haze V3

Founded in 2013 Haze Technologies quickly garnered acclaim in the UK vaporizer scene as one of the most innovative vape manufacturers on the market. Their innovative design  allows for multiple chambers within the same vape unit. Allowing you to mix, match, and experiment with your dry herb to your hearts content.

Their flagship vape, the Haze Dual V3 is possibly one of the best portable vaporizers for the vape aficionado who enjoy the great outdoors. The Dual V3 offers amazing vapor quality, great portability, and a whole host of versatile features. level of versatility.

The Haze Dual V3 houses two separate chambers. This is a truly unique feature that demonstrates the innovation of Haze. The dual chambers give you double capacity for your herb, allow you to experiment with different blends and even mix dry herb and concentrates!

The portable chamber canisters allow you to prepare your herb for later use so you don’t have to fiddle with your herb when you’re out and about. The vaporizer comes with one of these as standard, but additional vials are also available.

The V3 allows you to vape with a whole range of materials including; Dry Herbs, Wax, Liquids, and Oils. It is compatible with all material types, you can vape with double your favorite material or you can mix and match! Find your favorite combination!

Removable and rechargeable, lithium ion batteries reward those who put in preparation ahead of time. Individual batteries have hours of power to ensure that your vape sessions go uninterrupted. When they do eventually run out of juice then all you need to is pop it out and switch it for a fully charged one! You can be out in the field for an extended period without having to worry about missing out on your vape experience.

The V3 features four separate temperature settings that you can use to customise your vape experience. You don’t have to worry about outside humidity or temperatures interfering with your vape as the Haze’s advanced temperature regular can detect and compensate for these factors. This means you can alter the high you get by taking advantage of the various boiling temperatures of the active ingredients in your dry herb!


The Haze V3 lays that age old dilemma of portable vaporizers to rest; conduction or convection?

Usually you’d have to choose between the even heating and thick vapor of a convection vaporizer and the speed and portability of a conduction vapor. Not with the Haze, the haze features a hybrid system that fuses the best of both world, offering speed, even heating and a great vapor!

Once the chamber is heated the Haze patented heat-exchange system delivers a cool vapor output, so you can draw as much as you want without burning your mouth, it’ll remain smooth and cool.

For added smoothness the Haze Dual comes with interchangeable glass and stainless steel mouthpieces, so you can choose the mouthpiece that suits you. Whatever you pick, you’ll get to enjoy smooth and tasty vapor.

The Haze V3 is on the higher end of the portable vaporizer market, but it is worth every penny as it is one of the most robust and versatile vaporizers out there!

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer By Grenco Science Inc

The G Pro Vaporizer from Grenco science was built with two things in mind; high quality vapor and subtly. It features a stylish understated black casing. Modeled after an e cigarette the G Pro is easy to use and easy to store. The G Pro is build with a large, robust heating chamber which can cope with a large amount of dry herb. The chamber is made from high quality stainless steel and uses convection heating elements to vaporise your herb.

Convection is a super-efficient vaporization method that heats up the air in the chamber and blows it across your herb, working much in the same way as a fan oven. This leads to a more even vapor and reduces the risk of combustion to virtually nil. Convection better extracts the natural flavour of your herb too, ensuring every hit you take is full and tasty.

The G Pro is quick and easy to operate, with no complicated inputs. It has a single button on the side of the unit that is used to control all of its functions. The G Pro has three principle temperature settings that will allow you to customise your vape experience. The hotter your chamber the thicker your vapor, so you can alternate between the three settings. A word of advice though, on lower settings it is better to take long slow drags to allow the vapor to build up.

Unlike many vaporizers the G Pro comes with steel screens which, unlike disposable screens can be switched out and cleaned carefully with rubbing alcohol or cleaning solution before being replaced. The steel does clog a little bit faster than other screens due to it having fewer openings.

The G Pro Vaporizer is operated with a single button on the side of the unit: this controls the three variable temperature settings that allow you to get the most from your favorite herbal blends.


The G Pro is an affordable and reliable vaporizer, ideal for those who value simplicity of form and function!