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Everything You Need To Know About Packing & Cleaning A Bong

Posted by Adam Cazes on

Everything You Need To Know About Packing & Cleaning A Bong


A beginners first forays into the UK bong scene can come with a whole host of questions about packing and cleaning a bong, and a whole lot of confusion.

A bong is the epitome of beauty in simplicity but there is still a bit of technique to using it that newcomers might struggle with. To save you from the trial and error we’ve compiled this quick and easy guide that will teach you how to pack your bong and how to clean it.

Once you get to grips with the basics of bong use you’ll be ready to get stuck in! Be sure to check out our selection of premium bongs on our UK webstore.

Packing Your Bong

Fill The Bong With Water

You can pour the water in from the top of the cylinder you inhale the smoke from. When you’re filling your bong with water be mindful only to fill it until the stem is covered by about an inch of water. You don’t want to to over-fill your bong because too much could mean that the water will splash when you take a hit, getting into your mouth (bong water tastes like filth, you don’t want this) or soaking your herb. It’s best to fill your bong with cold, clean water, tap water should do as long as it’s free from any particles or contaminants. Some bongs have ice notches, allowing you to drop ice cubes into it for a smoother, cooler hit.

Pick Out Any Stems

It’s best to take a bit of time and pick any seeds and stems out of your herb as they can mess with the purity of the smoke you’ll be inhaling.

Grind Your Herb

There’s a balance to how much you want to grind your herb before you pack it into your bowl. Too fine and it might get sucked into the water chamber when you take a hit, too coarse and there’ll be too much air between the particles, forcing you to constantly re-light it. You want to aim for something in beween for the best results. If you still find that your herb is getting sucked into the water then pack a few un-ground nuggets around the hole in the bowl. For best results you should go with a screen, this will ensure that you won’t lose any of your herb to the water!

Pick Out Resin Build-Up

After the first couple of bowls you may find that resin will start to build up in your bowl. Use a toothpick or pin to break up any resin build up in the bowl and unclog the stem of the bowl. Resin can interfere with the airflow and can seriously mess with the taste!

Cleaning Your Bong

After about three uses the resin build-up and particles in the water will begin to interfere with the taste and may block some airways, so this is about the time you’ll want to clean it.

Rinse The Bong

First thing’s first; disassemble the bong so that all the individual components can be cleaned. Then you want to rinse the bong under some hot water.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

To effectively clean the bong you’ll need a few cleaning supplies. A brush and a bottle of solution or rubbing alcohol are essential for breaking up any resin that sticks to the inside of the bong. Pipe cleaners are great for getting to the harder to reach places like the stem and around any percolators. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when you’re working with solution because it can irritate your skin! You may want some rubber plugs to cover the various holes in the bong so the cleaning solution doesn’t spill out when you’re cleaning it!

Pour The Cleaning Solution In

Pour the solution into the bong, maybe add some rice to add an abrasive effect to the solution.

Give It A Good Shake

Cover all the openings on the bong with your hands (or use a bit of fabric to plug them up) and give it a thorough shake.

Give It Another Shake!

Really put your back into it!

Carefully Clean The Minor Components
Now take some pipe cleaners and use some rubbing alcohol to carefully clean the stem, bowl, and any other minor pieces!

Finally Rinse And Dry

Rinse your bong under some hot water and leave it to dry, you can give it a quick rub with a tea towel or some kitchen roll if you want, but be careful, you don’t want to crack or scratch your bong. Congrats your bong is ship shape and shiny and ready for use!

If you need any cleaning supplies be sure to check out our UK webstore for a huge range of brushes, solution, and anything else you may need to keep your bong clean!