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Dabs Vs Bongs: Who Wins?

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Dabs Vs Bongs: Who Wins?

Dabs Vs Bongs: Who Wins?

Do you bong it up or dab rig down? The type of glassware you should look into buying will vary depending on what kind of substance you plan to ingest with it.

EDIT has tons of glass ranging from affordable acrylic bongs to the most ornate Recycling Dab rigs on the market. Read on and see which type of rig or bong suits you. 

Closeup of Percolator section of glass bong

What Can I Smoke In A Dab Rig?

The main difference as we had mentioned previously is that you need to decide what kind of cannabis product you are planning to enjoy with your new glassware.

If you enjoy waxes, concentrates, oils or any other non-flower brand of weed, you’ll be wanting a dabbing rig. If you are strictly into lighting up a sweet bowl of dried herb, get yourself a bong, baby.

Once you know this you can start to delve into different stylistic choices such as recycling, different colours and bespoke borosilicate glass creations. 

Dab Rig with concentrate and vapour

What Do I Need to Start Dabbing?

If you’re going to use these concentrates, you will need a dabbing rig, dab nail, and a torch to light your dab hit with.

If you are going to blow flower cloud, then you will require a lighter. Don’t use matches, even in desperate situations, as the sulphuric component can affect the taste of your herb, interfering with the terpenes.

Hemp-wick is best to light a glass bong with. You conserve your stash and aren’t burning anything except that sweet cannabis treat.

Dab Rig being heated with butane torch

What Size Device Do I Need?

The size of your bong or dab rig is also very important. A smaller dab rig always works out great because concentrates to be vaped are usually way more potent than straight herb.

The smaller size of most Dab Rigs, as well as being convenient for use and storage, means that the vapour stays in the condensed space, remaining thick, milky and flavourful.

A bong can be any size but true rippers like to use larger sized water rigs to really get a huge cloud.

The larger the water capacity the more filtration your smoke will receive. Purchasing an additional diffuser downstem can also help with this.

How Do I Select Accessories?

The joint size fitting of your rig or bong is crucial to understand and know as well. When you are buying replacements or modification pieces, you will need to know the millimetre and also the gender of your joint.

Make your life a little easier and get to know these measurements before you purchase some new glass, it may be that your existing bong or rig just needs the right accessory to hit that sweet, sweet spot you seek.

So hopefully now you can tell the difference and you learn the real point of this blog post, that when Bongs are stacked up against Dab Rigs there's really only one winner- YOU!

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