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 Common Dabbing Mistakes: The 5 That We All Make

Posted by Adam Cazes on

 Common Dabbing Mistakes: The 5 That We All Make

Dabbing Mistakes

Dabbing is a new and rapidly growing way of enjoying herb. A lot of people are entering the UK dabbing scene and trying this innovative new method of enjoying herb concentrates and oils. However all these neophytes mean a whole range of  dabbing mistakes come to light. So whether you’re a dab veteran or you’re only thinking of trying it out here are the most common dabbing mistakes and how to avoid them!

1)Burning Yourself

The nail is the part of your rig that holds the concentrate. It’s often made of a conductive material like quartz or titanium. The best way to heat it is with a small butane torch (either purpose made or sometimes a creme brulee torch). The idea is to heat the nail enough to vaporize the concentrate, this means that the nail is going to be very, very hot. Many amature dabbers who have come from the UK bong scene will attempt to remove the nail as they take a hit, much in the way they they would a bowl. Inevitably this results in burns, swears, and sometimes even broken nails (don't worry, you can replace them here).

The only real solution to this problem is to be aware of how hot the nail is and to remember that a dab rig is NOT a bong. Typically this is a mistake you only make once, but if you stay mindful you can avoid it altogether!


Concentrates require a LOT of heat before they vaporise enough for a heat. So they hotter your nail the quicker the concentrate will vaporise. However it is important to remember that the greater the amount of concentrate the longer it will take to vaporise. Adding too much means that it won’t vaporise quickly enough, resulting in burning, harsh smoke, wasted concentrate, and in worst case scenarios; combustion which can break your nail.

To avoid this be conservative with the amount of concentrate you use, it's in the name, only use a dab. Also it’s important to remember that concentrate is much more potent than other herb derivatives. Less is more!

3)Overdoing A Hit

Concentrate is MUCH stronger than herb. MUCH stronger, even seasoned users can be floored by its potency, so it’s very easy to overdo it. This is one of the most common dabbing mistakes. It can be a scary experience to get so high so quickly to again, less is more when you’re new to dabs.

So it’s crucial to start off slow, take your time and remember that some dab concentrates have purity of up to 93%! Take it easy.

4)Coughing And Vomiting (Ew)

A common consequence of overdoing a hit. Choking on the smoke is very common for a novice, the smoke from a dab rig can be a bit more acrid than that from a bong. Solve this by taking a slower more gradual hit, you’ll feel it when you hit your limit. When you do be careful and maybe hold up for a minute. Vomiting can happen when you accidentally swallow some of the smoke, this usually happens if you burp after a hit. The solution to this is simple, just try not to burp for a minute or two after taking a hit ( you can do it, show some restraint!).

5)Dropping The Concentrate

Alas this is nearly inevitable. Concentrate is very different from dry herbs, it has a tacky texture which can seem a lot stickier than it actually is so from time to time it can drop off your tool! This can be remedied by just taking your time with it, knowing how much you need, and carefully dropping it onto the nail. For beginners there can be an urge to rush this process because you want to preserve the heat of the nail, don’t worry entropy does not set in that fast.


That should cover some of the more common first time errors. If you’re interested in dabbing why not check out our selection of tools and rigs on our UK site?