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Cheech And Chong - A New Range Of Bongs

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Cheech And Chong - A New Range Of Bongs

The 21st century is an odd period to be alive. It is a time when a person pretends to have a certain personality on television, we all assume the person is capable of doing that in reality.

For example is Donald Trump playing a businessman on television, so we naturally give him control of all the USA's nuclear arsenal. It is the way our society is created and will probably be the reason why we will die by the year 2060.

Cheech And Chong - The Original Stoners

In some cases, however, actors will live up to the skills depicted by their television roles. One example is Cheech and Chong who built their name on the hilarious stoner comedy series. The pair became ambassadors of the DeFacto dry herb for a full generation! If they followed the trend of celebrities who act one way and behave another, then in reality they would not be able to roll a joint; however, this is not the case.

In reality, Cheech and Chong have made their names in the cannabis scene placing a seal of approval to some of the finer paraphernalia in the marijuana market. To prove their competency, they are now producing high-quality herb equipment for the masses. This article will provide information on some of their finer products.

The Cheech And Chong Grinder

Cheech and Chong are more knowledgeable than anyone in the best way to enjoy smoking a herb; however, you need to put some preparation into the experience to get the best effect. The Cheech and Chong Grinder is one of the best grinders created using high-quality anodised aluminium ensuring that it will not react with the herb or taint the flavour. It features a sifter screen helping to sift away the super-fine terpenes of the herb's keef and gathering them in a special compartment.

The Cheech And Chong Bong Range


Chong Bong

Of course, Cheech and Chong do not limit themselves to selling grinders. The Chong Bong | EDIT UKNaturally, as weed experts, they present a top line of high-quality bubblers and bongs. The Chong is an outstanding borosilicate glass device created for dry herb use. Its beaker-base bong offers a diffused down stem feature that will cool your hits by breaking them into smaller bubbles. This increases the area of the hit allowing it to be cooled thoroughly during the session.


Tied Stick Bong

If you are more of a dabbing fan, then you should consider the Tied Stick. The The Tied Stick Bong | EDIT UK Tied Stick is a ten-inch tall rig formed using glass. It is hand-blown using borosilicate glass with a quartz banger and ruffled perc, all formed to create a dabbing experience that will not disappoint the smoker.


Maui Wowie Bong

If you are searching for a more unique weed experience, then look no further thanThe Maui Wowie Bong | EDIT UK the Maui Wowie. This device will catch any individual's eye with the angled mouthpiece and shotgun showerhead perc. Unlike the Tied Stick, the quartz banger of the Maui Wowie is tougher and more capable of standing the thermal stress of a butane torch.


Big Green Van Bong

Finally, but definitely not to be forgotten, is the Big Green Van. This device brings The Big Green Van Bong | EDIT UKthe best of all dabbing rigs and herb bongs together in a single borosilicate glass item. Featuring a chandelier perc that can be a dab hit, a dry hit or help to cool a hit; it presents in a package with a herb bowl and a quartz banger.

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