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Desktop Vaporizers: Time To Level Up

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Desktop Vaporizers: Time To Level Up

So, Why Buy A Desktop Vaporizer?

The benefits of using desktop vaporizers over the portable version are quite clear. In fact, the vapor quality of a desktop vaporizer is superior to a portable vaporizer.

The desktop versions tend to have a better vapor production than the portable devices. That is why desktop vaporizers have become so popular on the market in this day and age. Here are some important things to consider when buying a desktop vaporizer.

Digital controls, bright LED screens, interchangeable mouthpiece/balloon systems, the features of modern Desktop Vaporizers now offer many options for customisation, meaning you have more control of your vapour than ever.

Get the setting just right for your favourite strain, invite your friends over and get vaping!

Benefits of Desktop Vaporizers

Types Of Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vapes come in two major types. One is the whip-style desktop vaporizer and the other is the balloon or bag or forced air vaporizer. Both of these products have their own advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you are in the market for a quality desktop vape, you should consider the type of device you plan to buy. There is also a newly emerging desktop device known as the dual-action vaporizer - which is a hybrid of these two types.

Whip Style Vaporizers

Advantages of Desktop Vaporizers

The whip-style vape is ideal for someone who is looking for an affordable and less technical way of vaping his/her favorite herb. This product uses a medical-grade tube which is called the whip. The design of this vaporizer is pretty simple.

The product comes with two main parts such as the whip and the heating element. The whip has three major components such as the tubing (made of medical-grade silicone), the mouthpiece (made of glass), and the wand (a glass piece that stores the herbs).

The whip vaporizer will give you a hands-free vaping experience and comes with an airtight seal to improve the flavor and vapor production. There are many whip style vapes that will give you a better performance and a modern look.

Forced Air Vaporizers

A forced air vaporizer is more common and expensive compared to the whip-style vape. In fact, this type of vaporizer is more advanced than the whip-style vape.

This device uses a fan in order to propel the hot air through the herbs. There is a balloon bag to collect the vaporized herb vapor.

This device is becoming extremely popular with a majority of clients due to the superior vapor quality and ease of use.

You should first decide on which type of vaporizer you plan to purchase before shopping for the best desktop vaporizer on the market.

Benefits of Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers - Low Prices, High Times

There are many advantages of investing in a desktop vape device. That they have a superior quality vapour production compared to the portable devices on the market, is the leading among them.

Build quality and lifespan, as well as  a range of customisation options round out the reasons why you should get yourself a home unit.

Our Favourite Desktop Vapes

If you decide that the world of Desktop Vaping is one you'd like to explore, please check out three of our biggest sellers, beloved by their owners the world over. 

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