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What are the Best Selling Grinders and Why?

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What are the Best Selling Grinders and Why?

When it comes to the best grinders there is quite a selection to choose from.

There are so many options for grinders today option paralysis can be a sure thing almost each time you go to decide. Which one to get, acrylic grinder, wood grinder, two-piece grinder, four pieces? It’s a mine field.

Choosing the right weed grinder will save you so much prep time and be a valuable investment down the line. Hopefully this guide to grinders will give you a better overview of what’s on offer and what you can expect to gain from each choice.

Why Do You Need a Grinder?

It’s a good question, lots of people get along just fine without one. Or so they think. The thing is you need a grinder in order to get the most out of your cannabis. With some vaporizers, depending on how fine you make the cannabis you could end up with thicker vapor, or end up blocking your vapor path.

A great weed grinder can be the difference between quality and sub-standard highs. By preparing your cannabis with a grinder you can cut down on prep time and spend more time reaping the benefits.

There are a few different types of materials to choose grinders from. Some are wood, metal, or acrylic. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Metal grinders are a top choice as they are durable and will last for a long time, in some cases far longer than the other two materials. They tend to be a bit smellier though and easily build up grime which can taint the taste of your cannabis.

Wooden grinders are also popular because of their durability, however, if you get a scratch on one then there is a possibility of bacteria growing in the groove. This can be dangerously toxic to your cannabis.

What is Kief?

Acrylic grinders are a good choice though, especially for beginners as they are cheap. But it is difficult to find a grinder with a kief catcher. Kief is the tiny crystals that cover a cannabis plant. These are incredibly potent as they are filled terpenes and cannabinoids. Unfortunately, without at least a three-piece grinder they are wasted when they become stuck to the bottom of the grinder.

Different Styles of Grinders:


Two Piece Grinders


Medium Two Piece Grinder

While they have their drawbacks, owning a solid 2-piece grinder is a great Medium Two Piece Herb Grinder | EDIT UKaddition for anyone on the go. Something like The Wolf two Part Small Pocket Grinder is perfect for when you just need to grind some herb on the move. As we mentioned two-piece grinders are annoying because they don’t have anything to collect the kief with but what they lack in accessories they make up for in mobility.

Three Piece, Four Piece, Five Piece Grinders

These are the next level type of grinders. Having a solid three, four, and five-piece grinders can really bring your vape game up a notch. With a good three piece grinder you can catch the kief and grind your herb so finely that you’re going to have the best and most potent vapor possible.


Head Chef Razor Grinder

The Head Chef Razor Grinder and Sifter is a perfect four piece grinder that Head Chef Mini 2-Piece Grinder | EDIT UKfeatures grippy interludes around the edges so it’ll never slip from your hand. Plus it has that all important kief catcher.

 5 Piece Grinder Set

Or why not try a 5 Piece Grinder that allows you to get the finest cannabis 5 Piece Grinder Set | EDIT UKpossible. If you've tried a regular grinder already why not go right for the top shelf and get this one next. It'll serve all your grinding needs and you won’t need to replace it any time soon. Plus, the ground herb is exquisite. By the time it makes it to the fifth section you’ll be left with only the best, most terpene filled bits of cannabis. Proceed from there at your own risk.

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