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Ultimate Guide to Choosing your First Smoking Pipe

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing your First Smoking Pipe

Ultimate Guide to Choosing your First Smoking Pipe

Many smoking fundamentalists will tell you that the best pipes that bring the best experiences will simply come to you. And, this may be true to a certain extent, but having some idea of what to keep your eye out for, will allow you to notice the keepers when they come.

The truth is there are extensive complexities to choosing the best smoking pipes for partaking of all types of herbal enjoyment. On this note, there are special pipes designed for tobacco and others that are designed for cannabis, but this is only a single point in a myriad of considerations that factor into an iconic relation such as Sherlock Holmes with his Calabash.

Benefits of smoking a pipe

As you will notice when you enter the market for smoking pipes there is quite literally a pipe of every shape and size. Without some parameters for your selection process it is easy to fall for the appearances or price tags of the options you see, and miss the true goal of your selections, a good clean consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.

With this in mind, the following article provides a simplistic approach to selecting the best smoking pipes for your smoking style.

 Advantages of smoking a pipe


One of the first things to consider will be the environment you will find yourself in when you choose to smoke. If you are supporting a habit you enjoy on the go; small, convenient and inconspicuous are some good qualities in a pipe. If you will be keeping your enjoyment to the comfort and convenience of your home, your options are more extensive.

Durability is another thing to consider, a glass pipe or a pipe with extravagant albeit attractive design features, can last many years in the privacy and cushy-comfort of a bedroom, then go crashing to the floor during a pool party.  If you will be smoking in a variety of different environments, your pipe will be more susceptible to damage.

Personal Experience

Take the time to make some new discoveries and look into the options available to you. This is a great way to expand your experience. A trip to a physical pipe store can introduce you to a great many designs, options materials and terminology you may not be familiar with. This can give you some perspective on your experience level in the world of smoking. The best experiences are produced from smoking pipes well-suited to the user’s level of experience.  


Probably the most important considerations will be the construction and materials in your pipes. Glass is always a beautiful option and the modern Pyrex pipes are durable as well. On the other hand, glass pipes can tend to be much larger than pipes of other materials and the same performance. Furthermore, these will still shatter on impact if not handled carefully.

Looks & Dimensions

Looks are important. A pipe is an expression of your style so take the time to choose a look that suits you well. While you can’t “try them out” you can visit a physical location to see how the different sizes and models sit in your hands. All this will add to the experience from your smoking pipe.

Looks & Dimensions

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