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Bargain Vaporizers | Get the best value vape for your buck

Posted by Product Team on

Bargain Vapes | Get the best Value for your money

If you're looking to get your hands on some bargain vaporizers you can rest easy because these much sought after bargains are most definitely out there. But before you plunge in and buy any old junk you'll need to do your research. The fact is, just because something is cheap it doesn't automatically mean that it will be any good. And similarly just because a vaporizer comes tagged with a hefty price tag and promises you this, that, and the other, this doesn't mean that it will live up to expectations. There are loads of supposedly high-end vaporizers out there that come with big reputations, but ultimately, they fail to live up to their billing. I've lost track of the amount of times that I've purchased some supposedly groundbreaking vaporizer that was supposed to take over the vaping world but in the end delivered an inferior vaping experience. The amount of time that these expensive vaporizers have combusted on me is phenomenal. I've been pulling out my hair in frustration because this wasn't something that was supposed to happen when I took out my wallet and paid top dollar. Ok, that's enough ranting about the "top of the range" vaporizers, because this article is here to discuss bargain vaporizers!

So the big question is how are you going to get your paws on a bargain vaporizer that will perform well? Well fear not because the king is here, the all knowing, all seeing Vaporizer Guru will guide you every step of the way. Like a superhero wearing a cloak, the Vaporizer Guru will appear on the scene dispensing his top quality advice to the masses. You will be lapping up my advice like loyal subjects, pouring adoration and fawning over Mr Infallible himself, the Vaporizer Guru!! You can rest easy because your king is here, I will guide you to the promised land where bargain vaporizer heaven awaits.


The Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

LINX Hypnos Vaporizer PEn BuyWhen I first took a draw from this vaporizer I knew that I was onto something real special. The Hypnos designed by Linx Vapor is an ultra compact concentrates vaporizer that has the capacity to take your vaping career to the next level. What really makes this device so special is that you can control the temperature settings right down to the last centigrade and what this allows is the complete vaping experience.  You'll be able to control the type of hit that you'll be receiving whether it be a light mellow buzz, or a stronger more forceful hit with this vape you'll be able to attain whatever type of hit that you desire.  Built using stainless steel this vape also features a glass vapor path system that purifies that herbal materials to the perfect consistency.  The ceramic chamber and the ceramic plate work like a dream to produce a superior vaping experience. You'll also be supplied with a zero atomizer and 2 glass mouthpieces that work superbly in conjunction with each other. This most definitely is a bargain vaporizer that you should be getting your hands on.

Buy the Linx Hypnos Vaporizer here!


Bubble Bud Herbal Vaporizer

Bubble Bud Cheap Vaporizer The Bubble Bud is brought to you straight from the EDIT collection and this time the makers have really surpassed themselves in terms of quality.  The bubble bud is a portable dry herb vaporizer that performs with tremendous consistency and potency. This is a vaporizer that seems to define the words sleek and subtle, but yet still maintaining that sense of class that we all aspire to achieve. Coming equipped with a 30w battery that seems to go on forever and ever this isn't a machine that will run out of stamina any time soon. A quartz water bubbler tank really is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to this vape as is performs superbly well.  The ceramic chamber has a brilliant tendency to produce some magnificent clouds. And not only does the vape produce some great clouds the taste of these vapors will be utterly delicious. When thinking of bargain vaporizers you can't go too far off the mark if your purchase this little beauty.

Buy the Bubble Bud Vaporizer here!


The Black Mamba Vaporizer

Black Mamba Vaporizer UK Buy OnlineAs the name itself seems to suggest the Black Mamba packs quite the punch. But on this occasion, the venom that will be coming from the Black Mamba will be the kind that will have you lying on your back with a smug smile on your face. The unique shape and design of this vaporizer marks it out as a machine that is out on its own. And not only is the vapes design unique but its performance is unique in that it performs incredibly well!! Featuring a large ceramic heating chamber that holds a gigantic 65g of materials there is one guarantee with this vape and it's that you will be allowed some long and uninterrupted vaping sessions that you won't be forgetting anytime soon. This vaporizer also features  glass vapor path system and high grade glass mouthpiece that performs superbly well as it transfers them precious herbs into your body.  An incredible 2 second heating up time ensures that not one moment of vaping magic is wasted. And a 5 temperature setting system ensures that you'll have a wide variety of temperatures from which to start your vaping at. 

Buy the Black Mamba Vaporizer here!


The Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer

Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer UK Buy Online The Wispr is another one of them bargain vaporizers that you can't but help be impressed by its overall performance.  Featuring a patented butane engine that keeps the vape going for some long sessions of vaping nirvana. This unit also comes packed with loads of extra features which I discuss in more detail later on, but for now let's focus on the butane system which really sets this device apart from the competition.  With the Wispr you won't have to contend with flames, cords, batteries, wires, or any of the other nasty features that you have to put up with when you own other devices.  The machine is ultra discreet and will allow you to vape no matter where you are. And not only is the vape discreet it comes with an instantaneous system that will have you vaping in a matter of seconds so unlike other devices, you won't be waiting around all day until your vape is ready for action. Once you own this unit you'll be supplied with a whole host of very handy extras like a carrying case, maintenance tool, pipe cleaners, mouthpieces, and most importantly a 2 year warranty.  This most definitely is a bargain vaporizer that you should be getting your hands on.

Buy the Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer here!


The Snoop Dogg G Pen

Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer UK Buy Online No list of bargain vaporizers could ever be complete unless the Snoop Dogg G Pen is on the list. As the name itself suggests the Snoop Dogg G Pen is an ultra cool vaporizer that has the capacity to propel herbs into your body like a laser guided missile. Time and time again the G Pen hit the spot and not only did the vape hit the spot it blew away the spot. An ultra user-friendly portable vaporizer that utilizes the very best of vaping technology to deliver to users instant vapor at the flick of a button.  Coming in at just over 5 inches in height you can see why people are raving about this unit's portability. All you have to do to get this vaporizer operating is to load your liquids and concentrates into the G Tank, press the cartridge, insert the battery and then you'll be vaping like the proverbial mofo.  You should always try and ensure that your finger is firmly pressed on the button when vaping as this will ensure that you receive a cool and consistent vapor.

Buy the Snoop G Pen Vaporizer here!


Overall - Thoughts

I hope that my blog piece has been informative and that you've educated on some of the best value vaporizers in the world. If there is one thing that I feel that you should be learning from my piece it is that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to get the very best vapes. What you should have gathered by now is that you have some of the most magnificent vapes on planet earth but at the same time, you won't have to break the bank when doing so. In this day and age just because something comes with the big reputation it doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to the reality of the device. Bargain vaporizers are out there and some of these bargain vaporizers have the capacity to surpass some of their more illustrious counterparts when it comes to performance!! I feel that the list of bargain vaporizers that I've give you is quite good and that if you pick one of the vapes from the list supplied you won't go too far wrong. So in finishing all I can say is to get out there and get yourself on a bargain vaporizer and have the vaping time of your life.