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What you need to know about Smoking Pipes

Posted by Daniel Jadczak on

What you need to know about Smoking Pipes

Many herbal pipes have no real fundamental difference to tobacco pipes. The one major difference between both sets of pipes is that herbal pipes are usually made from glass whilst tobacco ones can be made from a whole host of different material.  Other materials which herbal pipes are made from include: metal, ceramic, and wood. One thing that herbal pipes should never be made from is aluminium, and this is because of the dangers of the carcinogenics that aluminium can help propagate.  


A herbal pipe comes equipped with a bowl piece, and this is where your herbal is loaded.  Directly connected to the bowl you'll find a tiny hole, which is named the carb.  The carb  helps to clear the chamber and will ensure a more enjoyable smoke.  When smoking you should hold your thumb over the hole and then release it as soon as you stop inhaling. Its important to note that not all pipes will have a carb. Depending on which brand of pipe you acquire, some will have better functionality than others. Some people believe that herbal pipes are one of the most basic ways to some herbal, but if done right they can give you a lifetime of pleasure


One of the most vital things you should do is make sure that the inside of your pipe is clean. If your pipe gets dirty then it may become cloggy and grimy resulting in a reduced buzz. When cleaning your pipe you should use an alcohol bath  or a cleansing solution which will clear up your pipe in no time.  If you have a detachable pipe you should detach all of the components and soak them inside some alcohol based solution overnight. The next morning you should use a cloth to make sure that your pipe is thoroughly cleaned and ready for use once more.  There is nothing as bad as dirty pipe and this should be avoided at all costs, all it takes is a few moments of your time and your pipe will be like brand new.

Steam Rollers


One of the most common mistakes is not positioning the lighter in the correct place when trying for a hit.  What you must try to do is hold the lighter directly over the bowl when inhaling almost until your herbal is capable of staying on fire on its own.  When you do this properly you should even be able to pass the pipe to someone else to enjoy and savour.  DO NOT exhale with your mouth directly over the bowl as this will result in your herbal scattering all over the place. This is a very common mistake, and a very costly one at that, as there is nothing worse than looking down at your herbal scattered all over the floor never to be smoked again.

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