350 thoughts on “Win a Model419 Stainless Steel Pipe!”

  • Raul. C

    The best no glass pipe I ever smoked from was the "piece pipe". It has a such a smooth hit. It's probably the only non glass pipe I use. It's the most convieniant pipe you could have it's got your stash rite in the compartment rite next to the bowl. It's perfect.

  • HazeNdaze

    It was called a Budbomb. It looked like something dropped from a B-52, with 3 holes on the nose (to light through) and a mouthpiece on the tail. One would simply remove the nose cone to load, and then smoke would filter through a coil. It was pretty magnificent, especially when we introduced the freezer into the equation. The only downside was that it was only 3.5 inches long.

  • Jennifer

    My friends A'maze'd Pipe for sure. It gave such a smooth it and is lovely and discreet :) I'm going to buy one myself soon.

  • Robsterboy

    the best non glasss pipe i've ever smoked out of was my first pipe, i named it watson because it was a sherlock kind of pipe. it was the bomb, i smoked so much weed out of that pipe. it was amazing because i could take it apart and use it for making bongs and stuff. i loved it so much but i left it in a park when i was so blazed

  • eiztyde

    king amazed is kinda kewl ! it looks like a cigar,
    good for a bill - clinton situation.

  • Lupe Angel Garcia
    Lupe Angel Garcia April 19, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Best non glass pipe I've smoked from was friend a friend called Indian Joe for good reason he always wore a headband and had the long native american style hair and of course he was native american. The piece was metal which he constructed of pipe fittings and parts acquired from Lowe's, while smoking it he changed it up by switching and swiveling parts made for all around good entertainment.

  • Stephen L

    In Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' when Hans Landa first pulls out his massive Tobacco Pipe in the opening scene. Best pipe ever. I immediately wanted a pipe that cool.

  • Theo

    My friend has an awesome long wooden gandalf pipe which I love. I'd love to try this new pipe out :)

    Thanks EDIT!

  • Andrew

    The best non-glass pipe I've ever smoked out of was a piece my friend brought back from Jamaica. He's pretty manic and prone to obsessions. He had been going through an intense Rastafarian phase and actually stayed in Jamaica for 3 months. When he came back he had this long, wooden tobacco pipe that was carved to look like a face. It didn't have a carb and yet it hit so well. He was very proud of it I remember.

  • Mitch

    My dad found a pipe I bought here. I just boght another one. Brought it with me to amsterdam and smoked the sweet hash with it.
    It was awesome. Had to leave it behind scince it was used.
    Now I guess the cleaning lady at the hotel has it.

  • ewokmilkshake

    The best non glass piece i've ever set lip upon.......?

    It's a tie between a Moroccan Sipsi that was a gift to me from my father( a memento from his hippy trail days) and a pretty interesting soapstone piece i got hold of recently(which i enjoyed so much that i got too "medicated" and left it in a park only to have it trampled by rugby players, wound!). It was made of two slices and it was hinged at the bowl end and opened horizontally to reveal a zig-zagging "maze" to cool the smoke. beautiful for hash smoking and very easy to clean.

    One day i'd like to get hold of a jack herer pipe(RIP the Hemperor).
    Peace out and happy 4:20!

  • Zoads

    I used to have plastic pipe called "The Apogee " it had 2 tubes that formed a sideways V and bonded in a cradle with the bowl fitting and it had a wooden handle with leather ties and a big rubber plug for the bottom tube that you pack full of ice and water.
    As you hit this puppy you had to start with the pipe tilted down and slowly raise pipe as you inhale, otherwise when you let off you would spew nasty ash and water all over yourself and the floor. LMAO

  • Comet

    The only non-glass pipe I currently smoke out of is the "Piece Pipe." I picked one up in Nimbin AUS 4 years ago for well over twice what they sell for on EDIT. It is very handy for traveling and if you throw a motorcycle key on it you can hand it to the bouncer that just patted you down at the whiskey a go go in Los Angeles and they will politely give it back so you can smoke in the rest room as they decided it was just a nifty key chain. It is easy to clean and transport. While not a ROOR for those on the go with limited space and a desire for discretion this is a truly amazing pipe.


  • SweetLeaf

    Best for me would be the humble homemade apple-pipe. So easy to make and gives the smoke a slight taste of apple!! Great as a last resort...


  • Klenny

    I bought a pipe off you guys a year and a bit ago while at uni. It was a little metal chamber pipe with your classic rasta decals on it. The hit was good, but the think I loved is that you could take it appart and put it together in a different way, and (i dont think it was designed for this) it looked just like a chess piece. Whack it on the desk and the halls cleaners are clueless!


  • Sam

    My favorite non-glass pipe to hit is definately the novelty Spark Plug pipe.
    So fantastically made, its undetectable when held and smoked like a ciggarette! Its soo cool. The fact that it has two open ends on it that are real small, allows it to serve such purpose. Let me elaborate! The twist-off wind fits the end of a Butane can. Like Vector. Squeeze as much herb as needed into the pipe and twist tight! Open up, then pack again. Packing it as much as possible, i can create Butane Honey Oil. right then and there. It will drip through the other end and onto the dish. Being so discreet, im able to do it anywhere =)
    Thank you soo much Grasscity for porviding me with such an inexpensive tool that can be used to its full potential. I have bought two over the years that ive owned it, and I would never hesitate to get another =)

  • Alex Greenberg
    Alex Greenberg April 19, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    The Best non glass pipe i've ever smoked would have to be a wooden pipe. it was a very smooth hit and i didnt cough at all. TODAYS 419! haha. 420 eve

  • Ripper

    The best non glass pipe i've ever smoked is definitely the trusty soda can. There is always one there when you need it and it is a life saver when you've got nothing to smoke from.

  • Alex

    I have a wooden pipe called Tune pipe. It is small and handy, and it has a changeable filter inside. Smooth smoke in small size.

  • max

    the best non glass piece i ever smoked out of was this wooden one i found in my attic. I asked my dad and he said it was his, he made it back in the 70s during shop class

  • nigel oloughlin
    nigel oloughlin April 19, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    the best is gotta be the agent blue for clandistine smoking its got a twist on the toke so by the time it hits your lungs its cool to smoke

  • matt

    I've always thought the whole mythical "Gandalf" wooden pipe was awesome, the wooden stem being the length of my arm and as i said... AWESOME.

  • John Elway

    The best non-glass bowl I've ever smoked had to have been this Sherlock looking thing. It packed a huge bowl, didn't hit too hard, and got me crazy fucked up.

  • Sacagood

    I like things simple, the Sneak-a-Smoke Pipe its a smokeless pipe, and its awsome when you want a clandestine toke.
    and thanks for another great giveaway

  • shiraku

    Well, I've never actually used a non-glass pipe (although I have always wanted to carve one myself from a piece of wood), however my best pipe moment would have to be my Incredibowl. The best thing I have ever had the luck to try.
    Thanks again for the great giveaway! :D

  • KidCreole

    The best non-glass pipe i ever smoked out of would be the McGuyver bong i made out of a New Orleans Bar named Tropical Isle's "Hand Grenade" bottle. See, the hand grenade is a must have drink for anybody not from Louisiana, but for us locals, you have at least four of them in your backseat. Well, I went to N.O for a party for some friends and i ended up with 4 in my backseat! I cut the lid off, fashioned myself a carburetor and I was in business! works better than actual glass pipes I've used, and didn't cost me a thing to make! Now I have memories of that great night (albeit kinda hazy) every time i use my bong. She's 2 years old and still kickin!

  • Nick

    Best non glass pipe I've smoked out of has to be a little wooden sherlock I picked up while traveling around Morocco

  • huyy

    the best non glass i've ever smoked from was a cheap aluminum or metal? pipe that i've bought for 5$ from a local flea market

  • conf20

    Favorite non-glass pipe ive used is the Incredibowl, awesome piece of kit, havent stopped using it since i purchased it, using more than my RooR infact :D also enjoy my metal Bud Bomb, really effective filtration for a smooth hit!

    thanks edit for this fantastic giveaway!

  • MarieM

    I'd have to say.. smoking out of my friends home made steamroller.
    It was HUGE, made out of a whole bucnh of big soda gallon containers, all cut and melted together probably 4 feet long.

    We'd freeze a whole bunch of ice, my friend used a huge cookie cutter that fit right in the middle of the tube that had a few holes in it, and all the smoke would go through layer after layer of ice and it brewed HUGE hits.
    It was quite the machine.. but I bet if I get this Model419 I'll be blown away.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see!

  • peaceboner

    My friends and me made a pipe out of a small metal funnel and a cardboard wrapping paper tube. Pretty tame, but we felt like we'd achieved something spectacular.

  • tomnewt

    the best non glass i smoked from was a wooden one crafted by a hippie a i met traveling in the woods. it was carved in the shape of a flying herron with the most amazing detail and hit likc a b*tch

  • Carter

    I carved a carb hole into the nostrils of an indian style clay pipe that had a buffalo head for the bowl. That way when you hit it the smoke puffs out of the buffalos nose its a pretty sick pipe.

  • dope. man

    A sweet plastic perc bong with 100 holes in the dome perc

  • pisces541

    it sure is cool looking

  • Michael

    I haven't experienced a ton of other bongs yet but I love my EHLE I got from here. I decked it out with the EHLE carbon filter and diffuser and it's smooth as can be when I add in the way I smoke, which is to use warm water at the bottom, ice resting on the notches and light it with some solar hits or when the sun isn't around, help from my pal beeline. Perfect way melt away the afternoon.

  • Mr P

    The best non glass pipe i had was a 14 inch wooden pipe with 12 inches of fish tank hose attattched to it.I used a length of coat hanger to clean out the wooden pipe and i just replaced the fish tank hose when clogged up.Don't have the pipe any more ,but sure was a very cool smoke.

  • Peter Johan

    I swear .. I laughed so hard when reading the blog entry on the model419 giveaway. You're so wonderfully twisted :-D
    EDIT, my secret love affair :)

  • sunnyD

    Best pipe I've smoked from would be a wooden pipe, it's just that smell than consumes in the air and the that earthly wooden taste feels so good. But I'll be ordering a RooR soon from EDIT, ice master ofcourse can't wait! By the way this is a beast looking thing, I'm sure it'll pack a punch!

  • Smokeethebear

    GAS MASK. done.

  • Peter Johan

    Oh! I forgot my favorite pipe experience:
    A meerschaum pipe carved as an elephants head with the .... er .. 'tube'? as it's trunk. When you've smoked it, you just clean it and lay it on a shelf with the 'tube' hanging over the edge, and you then have this wonderful elephant staring back at you with a look saying: "are you sure that was just tobacco you smoked there?"

  • Churchill

    Does a 10 inch blunt with 10 grams in it count? last years, 4/20.

  • Anakin

    Once i saw this, must have been ceramic, han solo blaster pipe. pretty ill never smoked it but it seemed legit

  • Purpl Haze

    The best non glass pipe I have ever smoked and still smoke is my wooden gandalf pipe that i made in high school. It gave such a smooth hit but the gauze was a tad difficult to replace.

  • Rizzo

    ok my homie called me and sayed come over i made somin got there and he sayed i made a in-line bong with a plastic v8 splash bottle with a 2 leader bottle as the inline with like 3 sharpies with naile holes in them as a diffuser with a 8mm socket as the bowl i saw him hit it and it reminded me of a crack head feening 4 a rock 4 like 2 days and got 1 i could not even clear it when it waz my hit shit waz nuts

    Ref: 1480610

  • Jamey

    The best non-glass pipe i've ever smoked was a small wooden sherlock with a plastic mouthpiece and no filter (just a screen)... It wasn't the best hitting, smoothest smoke ever (far from it) but passing it around chilled people out and the look was hilarious/just awesome.

  • EDD

    The best non glass pipe I have smoked was when I went to India. An old man made a wooden pipe in front of my eyes. Also it was very cheap. The first time I used it the pipe was amazing, so smooth and just enjoyable to smoke. Now over the years I have used it, it has lost its quality.

  • pisces541

    i would have to say a bong that i made out of a plastic 2 liter bottle with a beer cap for the bowl worked awesome

  • headynugz420

    the best nonpipe i have ever smoked out of was wen i made a steam roller out of a 3 foot tube that my tech n9ne poster came in it was a win win and i got to celebrate my new poster lol

  • Melayer1

    Looks pretty cool, i like the shape of it meself.