4 thoughts on “Wickie Pipe Lighter - Self-Lighting Pipe”

  • Vivian

    A friend of mine who is missing her left arm actually bought this pipe because she cannot light a traditional pipe without assistance. The button you press to light your bowl is so easy, it never takes more than one try like a regular lighter. I would HIGHLY suggest this pipe to anyone!

  • michael

    I recently bout one of your pipes and it worked for about two weeks--then quit. I seem to be getting spark but cannot get it to light. I have made sure the fuel is filled up. Any thoughts? I really like the pipe otherwise. mw

  • Ron

    i two recently bought a Wickie pipe lighter & also can't get it to light,theres plenty of fuel,but still no light..Is there a flint inside ?

  • davis

    i bought two of these and both of them cracked, won't hold fuel.

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