6 thoughts on “TerrorEyes Contact Lens”

  • Feltros

    Man I was looking at these the other day trying to choose which one I wanted but couldn't quite find one I fancied. Now the whole range is out i'll deffo be picking one up in my next order :) Good work

  • Jen

    They are class looking :D may have to invest and freak a few people out :D

    • Admin1

      Hello you two (got your email, Jen, you and the others will be in your own draw pretty soon - there's not so many so far, but if that stays the same then I'm sure I can arrange a prize for everybody in it, even you Feltros, with your thus far consistent ability to not have your name drawn out of a hat!).

      The close-up photos you see above we took just a couple of hours ago. The fellow in the pic works here and I have to admit to being quite surprised at how good the lenses were, once I convinced him to be my guinea pig. I had thought they might be a bit of a gimmick and probably not so hot in the wearing, but they really are pretty damn freaky.

      I may even consider over-coming my morbid dread of things touching my eyeball to try them myself.

      I remember a Foo Fighters appearance on Top of the Pops many years ago, where Dave Grohl sang the first half of the song with his eyes shut and then opened them for the last bit and he was wearing pure white contacts like his eyes were gone. I was very impressed. Of course, I was also about 17.

      Though thinking about it now... yes, I'm still impressed.

  • oxo

    im intrigued by the all black ones.. :) they do look mighty fine.

  • Feltros

    Ooooooooooooh looking forward to that!

    I was wondering how my university would look upon me turning up with crazy eyes for an exam :P And oxo - the black ones do look damn sweet! Probably the ones i'll end up getting.

    The perfect product to go with this: Anti Red-Eye Drops

    I've used clear eyes solutions from boots before and they make the white section of your eye ridiculously clear and bright white! Extra vivid with the contacts.

  • SpiritualHerbalist
    SpiritualHerbalist May 17, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    Now this is indeed awsome ;D i must use this to creap around and freak people out.. unexpected people at night in the park.. then i jump out and go ROAWR with 1 of them allblack and one dark-red... Gah cant wait until i can get em. xD

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