One thought on “Stainless Steel Model419 Pipe - Available Now!”

  • Jim

    Loving my Model 419! This is the first metal pipe I know of that'll actually turn glass, soapstone and briar men into metal monotheism. Not only that - but it's effectively a candy deterrant to use on greedy fingers moving in for the kill. It also works perfectly for scratch cards, fastening the tripod on cameras, scraping off flakes from compact tobaccy and a number of unexplored uses. Could quite possibly double as a hammer on smaller nails!

    Dunno if it will repel bears yet, but confusing it by blowing smoke on it's face and inserting the Model 419 into it's honey dispenser, should buy you enough time to grab the rest of the honey before the bear comes to it senses. Don't forget your pipe, scratch cards, camera, tobaccy and unfinished cabin when sprinting off in the distance!

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