22 thoughts on “Rasta Logo Roor Bongs”

  • phil

    absolutely gorgeous, the label looks nice and bright ,very tempted to buy one.

  • blkmmba

    seeing as how the giveaway now has over 440 people ill probobly be buying one of these beautys.

  • Jared Malvin

    I've taken about 10 thousand bong hits, most of them being from a roor. I owned two roors, one of which took a nasty spill due to my kitten. Now I only have one American roor left and I need a German. I hope I win!!!!

  • Storm

    i am a medicinal user and i smoke about 30 hits a day for the past 4 years so id say around 40 000

  • mark_QC

    100 000 hit at least i smoke with bongs for 10 years now and that bongs look sexy pls i need a new one lol thx

  • Michael Wang

    365 x 8 yrs x 15 hits = 43800
    x 12 = 58400

    ~43800-58400 hits

  • nindja

    hey man that one looks sooo nice ,ive taking so many hits i can not tell you hehe dont no hehe ive have like 3 roors one lilsister 3.2 and a prelonged lilsister 45 3,2 and a dealerscup 5mm 55 cm i love the roors and i think they are some off the best bongs you can get i will love a rasta one that i think roors give a mutch deeper hit so have a nice smoke out there peace"

  • Mason Willett
    Mason Willett June 14, 2009 at 5:47 am

    Nothing out of a bong yet, but i want to and it might as well be out of the best! Plus its rasta, what more can you ask...

  • Brandon1886

    well, probablly 20 bong hits a day, for 10 years, so 73,000 as a minimum number, and between then red and yellow label roor i got from EveryOneDoesIt.com probablly 25%, but since i own a roor.us perc and a blue label which is signed by pauly shore, so it doesnt get much use) i got else where, i’d say roughly 33% of my bong hits are roor. and i would say 25% of my bong hits are from wicked sands bongs. i cant miss a chance to win a sweeeeeet rasta label made by the top glass blowing artists in the world! the remainding percentage would be crappy plastic bongs hits as a youth, but now i am more mature and know roor are the best! :D

  • nastos

    What a piece of artwork is this bong? I don't think i have taken more than 30 or 50 bong hits but bong smoking is the shit.

    anywayyy ^.^

  • Nobby

    i reckonnnn 300 hits.

    25% with a Killer

    75% status unknown

    0% with a Roor :(

  • mike

    iv prob had about 600 bong hits. not many by some standards. 30% non roor 70% roor.

  • jippe

    I've taken about 500 hits from the bong and none of them are from a Roor.

  • Billy N

    i determined about 9952 bong rips
    None from a RooR though:(
    7% from GEAR
    63% Red Eye Glass
    3% TORCH
    27% No Name

  • barry chckle

    I reckon ive had about 37,500 hits , around about 15,000 hits from various bongs, pipes and hookas.
    The rest have been on various mates roors (fairmasters & zumos)
    and on mycustom green goblin with ash catcher which is my baby and is used by many friends.
    But they dont have to clean it !!!!!

  • alexz

    I wouldnt know how many hits i would say a few around 25/40 a day for last 7/8 yrs and i never been through a roor really want one but cant get them in aust thats why i want to win most my hits been through cheap glass

  • Albert Bedard
    Albert Bedard June 15, 2009 at 5:19 am

    so i have probably taken about 1500 bong hits, but i have never smoked out of a roor, american or german. if i am able to win this it will be the first roor i have ever smoked out of!!

  • Bongs for sale
    Bongs for sale June 25, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Damn I want one of them, they look so slick! Even if I could just hit one!!! Amsterdam here I come :D

  • Andre

    Just one... :-(( and not even a Roor :-((( Shame on me

  • Draven

    i have to have taken near a million bong tokes in my 18 year smoking career, but when it comes to a RooR.... i can tell you exactly how many times ive hit one. 12. and that was all in one session. Its so cool that you guys are doing this giveaway! good luck to everyone!

  • sunshine

    I have a rasta roor and it is my best friend in the whole world

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