3 thoughts on “New DMC Clothing / Technics Hoodies & T-Shirts”

  • Feltros

    Some nice designs. I can't help but feel that the majority of clothes you sell are just fancy designs on a normal piece of clothing.
    How about catering for the punky cyber generation - http://www.cyberdog.net/
    They wholesale as well

    • Admin1

      Normal clothing? I'll have you know these are 100% ringspun cotton! I have no idea what that means. They are high quality t-shirts though.

      Good idea with the Cyber Dog. It's not my particular cup of tea to be honest, but it must be somebody's or otherwise there'd just be a random cup of tea lying around.

      I'll have my people contact their people. I don't have any people.

  • Feltros

    Just meant its a standard T-shirt shape, and standard hoodie shape and whatnot lol. Theres no artistic use of interesting materials in the designs, they mostly just seem to be prints - cool ones (specially the headphones top, I like the idea of that a lot as a former dj) but still just prints really that any small company could do themselves and have their own brand identity on.
    What about an EDIT range of identifiable clothing which doesn't say 'I am a law breaker' about it? I know i've met a bazillion people due to recognising the EDIT band on their arm and would likely wear an EDIT hoodie if it was just something as good quality as these items with a simple recognisable non-drug-related logo. (Just EDIT in dark green for example).
    All my friends thought my EveryoneDoesIT band was about people working in I.T. lol!

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