6 thoughts on “Neder Blends - Latest Herbal Incense Technology”

  • Jamey

    Neder Gold is good =] had it a while ago, i'm definately going to be buying some more, i'd like to see how the others compare... I'm surprised they don't contain any banned chem though, i mean Gold really was good =] haha

  • Simon

    It would be nice to know that what "extracts" these new blends contain.

  • idroid

    Eager to hear reports on these now my favourite blends have been banned.
    I'm pessamistic because all the decent ingrediants can't be used anymore. I hope legal product makers have something up their sleeves!

  • NJ

    I've been smoking the Neder Silver Spirit today and have bought and enjoyed Neder Gold in the past and found it mild and pleasant. The Neder blends are much lighter, spacier, head highs than the Spice and Spice-type blends were - you can't get completely wasted on Neder blends like you could on Spice.

    Having said that, the hit from Neder blends although mild is actually probably more pleasant than Spice which could be a heavy, monotonous, sometimes slightly boring body-high. Neder blends give a lighter, more effervescent head high and are quite a relaxing, euphoric and pleasant smoke unto themselves.

    Anyway with the Golden Age of legal cannabinoids having crashed in flames I will now be turning to Neder blends for the odd recreational smoke and also perhaps hoping for some new and interesting developments in the fields of herbal incense blends. I'd like to think we haven't seen the final chapter in this tale yet!

    Ironic that Neder Gold was the only real brand which really did use a blend of high strength extracts to create an active smoking blend - it just goes to show that new developments might appear in the field of incense blends yet!

  • myself

    Is this new neder gold the same one as the old one?

  • ProjectofPat

    Neder is pretty good. i would say its close to original spice. but not as good as emerald spice.

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