3 thoughts on “Flame-Polish Roor Ashcatcher”

  • codfish30

    I have this ashcatcher and love it. very weighty in the hands. does anyone know why these do not have a blower's signature on?

    • Admin1

      I don't have an answer from Roor themselves, but I know it happens on the Flame Polish Logo 7mm Little Sistas too - or rather it doesn't (the old one is the shop pic has one funnily enough). I should think that they are trying to keep it all matching, rather than splosh a random green squiggle in amongst all the flame-polished business.

      I have seen clear sigs though, I even requested them on the Narcissus bong, but a lot of the f/p items do come without them. Again, it's not a hard and fast rule and I'm sure the next shipment will throw up some new surprises as well.

  • brent gert

    to be honest an actual # is imposiable to comfirm.i smoke all day long. as much as needed. the best way however 4 me is from a water pipe i have 4 of them 2 glass 1 ceramic 1 plastic.glass is the best way to go.never tried a ROOR BONG before herd a lot of hype about it though sure woould! like to try one.and put the smoke of choice in there of course haze.i think ROOR should name one of theres after it too.anyhow peace out.

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