3 thoughts on “Essential Vap Vaporizer”

  • Nick

    Very nice EDIT. How many vials do they come with? As far as I know you can only order them from the US and vials don't last forever.

    Using a torch lighter is best also.

    Will you be getting the Eclipse Vape H2O too?

    Probably best to rename the store item to Essential VAAAPP so it can be found with search

  • Heneken

    Does not really approve, never really liked when you have to us an open flame to heat the herb up.
    prefer electric vaporizers even if they are kinda big and clumsy

    Nick: a torch creates to much heat and the combust if your not careful
    I would say it will combust even if you are careful, but I dont know
    Use a lighter or a candle and hold the vial 2-3cm over the flame!
    happy vaporing!

  • Nick

    Heneken: This isn't a vaporizer made for herb, it's meant to be used on concentrates only (oil) a torch flame is fine as long as you only hold it in place for 10-15 sec's max, more than enough time to get the desired results

    I've never seen anyone use one of these without using a torch

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