6 thoughts on “EDIT on MySpace”

  • Nick

    People still use MySpace?

  • IV-XX

    Havn't signed into my myspace in 2 years, but I did for this.

    Way lame of facebook in all honesty, but now all that surprised.

    Glad to know your twitter feed is still active.

    I didn't win in the facebook givaway, but i'll take one of the prizes if it still goes unclaimed........just 'cause i'm that selfless. (n_n)

  • justin

    same here edit i would take any avilable prize. i tried to win the facebook giveaway but didnt win. thanks!! u guys rock!!

  • Joey B

    wow...that was pretty gay of facebook..
    although i shouldn't really care..not to be snarky but im pretty sure i wasn't entered in the facebook contest even though i was the 10th friend or follower..i probably was and just missed the part where it showed my name
    well good luck with myspace..

  • Marie

    I'd give them a few more days to claim, then whatever is left over you should add in for a Youtube giveaway or a small MySpace one.

  • roorless whore

    I am a friend of you on myspace, but I only check it for music

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