7 thoughts on “Congratulations Model419 Pipe Winner!”

  • Nick

    Congrats Jim

  • Theo

    Congrats to Jim! Sucks about your pipe mate, hopefully this will at least somewhat make up for it! And to the person who entered 30 times....really?? I mean come on. Thanks EDIT for the giveaways!!

  • holistic616

    well done jim sounds like you need it more than me hears to many happy years toking bro :)

  • Jennifer

    Congrats man! Enjoy it!

  • Lupe Angel Garcia
    Lupe Angel Garcia May 8, 2010 at 8:42 am

    There was three comments from this computer but one was mine my bro's and a friend cause everyone that comes to my house I have to show them this site my friend will purchase a vaporizer soon so he was happy to see this. Congrats Jim I remember reading his comment before the winner and following his link I did cry a little I won't lie.

  • Jim

    I won! Yes! Thanks a ton you guys and THANK YOU EDIT! :D

    It DOES have it's work cut out for it before touching my trusty old friend, but let me tell you... this IMMACULATE piece of stainless steel already has a proper VIBE to it and I'm already feeling it! What a great way to kick off my weekend! Thx again guys! Wooohooo!

    (PS. Still waiting for that mail DS.)

    EDIT: Email sent!

  • Dr.Doo

    Bad luck on losing yer other pipe Jim and 'grats on landing the Model419

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