844 thoughts on “Blah Blah Win a Roor Bong!”

  • Spadge

    Somewhere in the region of 5000 though i fear the number may be a lot higher :(

    About 99% of those are RooR hits, i could count on my smallest apendages how many other bongs ive used

  • JABlack

    Hmmm probably around 15000 and about 99% of them coming from RooRs. Probably around 10000 from a RooR Big Brother( purchased from EDIT) and about 4800 from a RooR Black widow (also purchased from EDIT).

  • Locutuz

    I estimate a total of 4818 total hits or maybe 4819 (somewhere along the way I kinda lost count). I have NEVER hit a RooR, yes thats right I can't even remember ever holding one or even seeing one in person. I know that's hard to believe but it's true.

    I need to get out more.

  • phil

    about 250 times i've used a bong
    rough estimate is
    45 % from acrylic
    30 % from coke 2ltr bottles, home made bucket bongs lol
    25 % where from a roor

  • Crystal

    ok i can tell you how many times i have had a bong hit but i can tell you that i have never had a roor bong hit i have 2 glass mini bongs but there not roor there just bongs but most of the bongs i have used we have used and home made thanks crystal i hope i win

  • Jonas

    I've only once smoke from a bong. It was home made and I did only around 5 hits from it.
    Never hit glass, so 0% of bong hit were from a roor.
    Only been smoking for ~2 months.

  • blkmmba

    rough guess...305,760 hits. About 10 hits daily more or less. when i first started i could only dream of a roor so id have to say about 50% roor 50% other brand. Ever since i got my custom us roor ive smoked out of it basically every day. at least half of all my hits are from this one roor now.

  • AcidBurn2020

    I have taken probably around 1000 hits before.

    5% on generic glass pieces
    80% on my WS Spiky Ice (from EDIT)
    15% on RooR.us

    Never on a german RooR before...

  • Snapplecap420
    Snapplecap420 June 4, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    ~2000 for me...
    i think the percentage would be something like this
    60% roor
    30% weedstar
    10% no name brands

  • Theo

    I'm probably around 1,000 or so bong hits. Probably 5-10 of those were from a RooR Big Brother which wasn't mine. Every other bong hit was from my Bushmaster Cyclone :)

    I'll post yet another crappy, I mean, amazing, paint picture of this :P

  • Jen

    Good question.. when I was younger I used mostly pipes and J's, only started using bongs in the past couple of years. I much prefer them!

    Hmmmm 1000+ hits defiantly, unfortunately I've never been lucky enough to hit a Roor, although they are gorgeous bongs and I def will be buying one someday! :)

    I owned some acrylics before my glass pieces so I would say 85% acrylic, 10% Weed Star, 4% Black Leaf as I have only aquired these pieces recently as you know (thank you again! :D) also 1% my friends EHLE (which is also a lovely piece)

    :) Good luck everyone!

  • conf20

    Crap to many to think of, I'd say from estimate 3500.
    Percentages would be around...
    40% WeedStar
    35% RooR
    10% PHX
    5% Homemade

    Only got a RooR recently and haven't stopped using it since.

  • mike m

    Here it goes:
    RooR bong hits: ~100
    Illadelph bong hits: ~1000
    All other bong hits: ~200

    The happiness gained from hitting a free rasta RooR: more than all my hits combined in my lifetime
    Good luck everyone and thanks EDIT!

  • Ironside

    This is almost impossible to answer seeing as I can't remember anything 5mins after hitting a bong!
    I know i'v never hit a Roor though :(

    My guestimate is 1500, 50% glass, 40% plackie, and 10% from a converted metal baseball bat if anyone remembers from the old forum hehe.

  • headynugz

    too many bong hits to remember i smoke my bong daily but 95% of those hits that are all a blur were hits from my roor

  • Nick

    I'd say around 15,000 hits over the years, mostly from Roor, EHLE and many other custom glass from blowers around the world.

  • oxo

    my level would probably be classed as quite small, between 300-800
    100% ROOR.


  • Sacagood

    420 429 and a half, I choked in the last one :D

  • 420 all the time
    420 all the time June 4, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    i would say between like 8000 hits in this great year :)

  • KozB

    somewhere around 10,000

  • Jake Smith

    Hmm, that's a nice one. Well, I did some math, averaged out how much I smoke from the pipe, joints and the bong. Ive had a good 2500 tokes from bongs, give or take 500.. =D

    Go EDIT! I'm bound to win one of these times. lol

  • SpiritualHerbalist
    SpiritualHerbalist June 4, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Now thats a hard question, since i have so much freetime from not havin a "Real" job. So i basicly sit and look at movies/series /educate myself by reading etc. and all of them includes havin a hit.. so lets see.. 24h/day -Sleep 8h = 16h then we divide those 16 i 4 parts cause of pipe/blunt/joint moments. so thats 4-4-4-4 and 3/4 is bong hits 1/4 is other. and its basicly 1-2 hits/h from the crap acrylicbong. meaning um 12h bonghits aday roughly +- depending from day to day lol. and thats every day the last year. before that just weekends and before that just occasionaly. so i could say around um...12*360days"Roughtly"=4320 hits. and then the other times total of like around 2000. so id say 6320~7000 something around that, both from acrylic, glass and wooden bongs. mostly acrylic tho =/

  • Jake Smith

    Oh, and come to think of it, I honestly don't think I have ever hit a Roor.. Kinda odd, but all my friends and I are pretty poor. Haha

  • Ehle master

    im gonna say about 11,000

    from a pipe, bluedot double perc, ehle, roor, and many no name bongs

  • Mr.F

    some where close to 20,000 hits and still going

  • SpiritualHerbalist
    SpiritualHerbalist June 4, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Now for dividing it into brand. My first glassbong was a Bushmaster cant remember the name on it tho, it had this chamber in the neck, you filled it with liquid and popped it in the freezer. worked great until it broke... so id say around 13% of the 6320~7000 hits is from that bushmaster.
    2nd one was unbranded boxed 2part colour changing glass bong lol worked great until that broke aswell. tho it broke in a strange way, the neck just cracked from nowere just "snap". another Roughtly 8%.
    and a few random hits from friends diffrent glassware, mostly nonbranded" but a few WS had been in there. around 2-3% WS bonghits.
    then the rest of the hits is from unbranded festival bongs/acrylic bubblebongs and the wooden bongs.

  • Theo

    Yet another horrendous, I mean absolutely amazing, picture of the bong being given away :D


  • Theo

    Once again, uploaded the wrong one -.- Here's the right one :)


  • jeff

    that tube is gorgeous...i have always wanted a wide bore
    i have been smoking tubes exclusively for 4 years. only about 16 months with a RooR.
    351 days smoking / year (2 weeks off approx)
    4-8 bong rips per day average
    6 x 351 x 4 = 8424
    +200 rips for earlier years
    TOTAL = 8,624
    approx 2800 of them have been out of a black label RooR
    **That is just over 1 bong rip for every day I have lived on this earth. As of today I have been here 8360 days and 8624 rips...scary

  • Comet

    My best guess would be 325,520 total bong hits (not including joints of course). Of those about 85,000 have been on one of my ROOR's (was poor through much of my youth). Over the last two years the only non ROOR hits were from a Bushmaster cyclone (won from EDIT and use for travel because of it's size). Prior to using ROOR's I always smoked out of glass (except at the occasional friends house) but it was always cheap glass from some local shop that compares to ROOR in the same way that a Fiat 500 compares to a Ferrari Enzo. They may both move you but in entirely different ways.


  • Bun

    Mayby 5000.
    About 10 through a roor.

  • highlyblest

    ok im not gona lie to you i dont know if tis is a competition to see whos smoked the most bongs or whatever but ive never smoked a roor bong before but i would love for this one to be my first ive smoked over about 15000 bongs and shottys tho most of them from an acrylic blackleaf ice bong that i got for my birthday when i was 18

  • highlyblest

    also im looking for the cheapest lowryer automatic seeds to buy.....any ideas ????

  • shawn m

    prob around 9000 90 percent from no name glass 7 percent from EHLE glass (thanks EDIT) and 3 percent from local glass.

  • highlyblest

    actually its probly more than 15000 thinking about it lo probly thousands

  • highlyblest

    damn i hate livin where i am now i cant get any weed at all its doing my nut in i just recently moved bak to england from scotland and now all my mates that live here dont hardly smoke it an have gave up can anyone help i cant wait 9weeks for a plant ill die

  • highlyblest

    havent actually smoked anything sinse i been bak ere and i been bak 3weeks cant take it no more ppl there must be sum 1 out there get bak to me

  • visualdrip

    In total I'd say around 1500. 80% being bong hits the rest being bubblers/joints ect.

    As far as brands go, 90% has been weedstar bongs the other 10% have been no name festival glass bongs.

  • Matthew

    That's a hard count to do... maybe about 4543.28 hits (the 1st hit wasn't a success!)

    60 % generic glass (in my old life)
    40 % WS Spiky bought here (so much better)
    0.00 % ROOR (and it can only go higher!)

  • Goodall

    never smoked from a roor, probably had about 500 hits in my life, don't actually own a bong myself (broke a while ago) smoke joints mostly, but would like a nice bong so that i can cut out as much tobacco as I can, and to make my smoking more efficient,

  • Andrew Bevis

    i've probably had about 500,000 bong hits in my life so far, but never hit a RooR, i've always wanted to.
    but alas i am bongless at the moment due to foolish friends.
    and RooRs are to expencive for the foreseeable future

  • Mon

    I'll put the number of hits around 1,000. Definitely no high end bongs. Every bong I've hit probably came from China. Hopefully I can pick up a nice EHLE soon but this ROOR would rock my world.

  • Jordan

    I've taken around a total of 20 hits from bongs through my life. Just recently got my first bong and am lovin' it.

    100% - EHLE

  • Nick C

    i hits all my bongs on the daily. i have never hit a roor but most of my hits have been from generic glass or my Ehle. id say i have roughly around 700,000 bong hits.

  • oliver elliott
    oliver elliott June 4, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    hmmmm i recon ive had a good 999 and with this roor could be my 1000
    a goof 60 percent of those have been from roor bongs as i just love erm to bits
    the last give away i said this bong was the best and i dont care if i dont win this i wanna buy it so badly!!!!!!!!
    i love it!

  • matt

    I'd say off the top of my head, bout 2000ish most of them being with a roor bong of some sort

  • greendog

    hmmmm let me see, about a bong once a week or 2 weeks, for bout 2-3 years, at around 20 hits a time, lets see if my maths is good, should be about 12160, and only like 100 times with a roor

  • ben

    probably a couple thousand, and never smoked a roor, which is pretty gutting!

  • etah

    Always smoke the roor! its all me and my mates got, and i say about 3500 times

  • got rice

    Hmmm. For the past 6 years I've had GONG Pieces, can't remember before then ;), And I've taken at least...jesus at least 50-100 (if not more, somedays I'll smoke an ounce with just bong hits, that could be 100's, never counted to see) but that's, I'll just say 75 just to be safe, 75x2190!!!
    164250 It has to be more than that but there's my estimate!

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