6 thoughts on “Black Leaf Acrylic Self-Lighting Bongs”

  • garys

    Get some self-cup-of-tea-making bongs and then I'll be impressed.

  • Bong Diddy

    Yeah, and a bong that also increases penis size would be good. Not for me, of course.

  • goba

    1 fakn blog bong pls

    • Admin1

      Workin on it dude, workin on it. They said it will probably takes ages and be instantly hated by everyone who sees it though, so the Ebay sell-on value might be a little disconcerting at first, but with care and attention we should get some good life out of it.

  • Tony Blair

    I would like to take this blogortunity to apologise for my time in office and for making Britain appear as the lapdog of the Bush administration. I'm sure it will only take a couple of decades and a few more wars to restore our reputation. Well, your reputation. Now I'm no longer PM I have decided to convert to being Chinese.

    The future's bright, the future's red.

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