2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Terror Plot?”

  • enemy2k

    Haha that's pretty crazy. I was thinking why would extremists want to attack Amsterdamn? Maybe it could be an easy target. Amsterdam is a very free society and I don't think they are worried about terrorists so it could be very lax security hence an easy place to attack. Also there is alot of tourists from all over the world, maybe they would hope to attack tourists from Western countries or because of tourism it could be a chance at alot of casualities. The last thing I thought of, is that alot of Islamists want Shar'ia law which is very 'strict'. They make take offense to the very liberal laws such as legal prostitution, coffee shops etc.

    Or this threat may have not been credible at all? You gotta wonder if law enforcement was never tipped off then maybe this could have been a horrible tragedy. I am curious who tipped authorities off, that person is a good human being. I am thankful my brothers living or touring Amsterdam are safe!

  • Leafy

    Well this is odd....

    im assuming that the terrorists must have some really good smoke if they missed the US by that far! HEY OSAMA THROW THE BLUNT HERE DUDE!

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