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Product Description


The jewel portable vaporizer is one of the newer vaporizers out there in the market today. A much-anticipated vaporizer in the line of successful vaporizers from Atmos. This vaporizer just another one to look forward to. Let’s look at a few features and what this vaporizer can do.

Jewel Portable Vaporizer Design:

It measures about 5 inches long and 5 inches in diameter at its wider part. It is quite and small and compact so this one is a perfect travelling companion.

The outer body is made of sturdy metal which means it is very durable and overall gives it a nice look and fell as opposed to a plastic body. It sports a ceramic heating chamber which means that all you get is the pure vapor. Unlike the other plastic vaporizers where the vapor is mixed with a weird taste while vaping.

Atmos have designed this vaporizer well giving it good aesthetics and a good user experience. To say the least the overall design is impressive and it does not disappoint in the looks department.

Jewel Portable Vaporizer Battery

The Atmos jewel come with a large battery so vaping for hours will not be an issue. A well added feature from Atmos as compared to other vaporizers. It is very much well appreciated feature.

Jewel Portable Vaporizer Vapour Quality

The overall taste of the vapor is impressive as it produces a pure vapor due to the ceramic heating chamber of the vaporizer. The taste is not overpowered by any other taste unlike in a vaporizer with plastic components and produces a pure flavour only.

Overall Verdict

The Atoms jewel is a fantastic option if you are looking to get a vaporizer for a fraction of a cost. This vaporiser will not disappoint on all fronts. Get it if you are looking for an inexpensive vaporizer.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Atmos
Length 101mm
Material Metal, Rubber
Power Battery
Compatibility Oil, Wax
Adjustable Temperature One Preset
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Conduction
Colour Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, White
Display None
Mouthpiece Rubber
Type Vaporizer Pens