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Acrylic 2-Chamber Recliner and Bubble Bong

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Product Description


The Acrylic 2-Chamber Recliner and Bubble Bong is an ingenious smoking device, featuring two brightly coloured chambers to give it a cooler and extra smooth smoke, as the smoke has further distance to travel from the bowl to the lungs.

Both parts are sturdy with their own thick rubber base, and are made into one piece by two tubes that connect each shaft to the other.

It might be a little bit crazy looking, but it's a hell of a lot of fun and the double-chamber really does provide a fantastic smoke.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions Recliner: 30cm tall - Bubble: 18cm tall
Weight Info 230g
Brand Unbranded
Material Acrylic
Logo Colour No logo
Colour Multi Coloured, Rasta
Height 171mm , 291mm
Special Features Carb Hole
Mouthpiece Bent
Joint Female
Style Bubbled, Straight / Tube
Type Bongs