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Product Description


This 420 utility tool from Ryot is like a master key for all your dabbing needs. The veritable Swiss army knife of tools, this lightweight multi- faceted wonder buddy will make your dabbing sessions a breeze.

  • 6+ Dabbing Tools

  • Made in the USA by Ryot

  • Textured grip

  • Patent Pended

  • 3.25 x 1.156 x 1 Inch Size

  • Travel Case

6+ Dabbing Tools

The many functions of this tool include a bottle opener/flathead driver, concentrate fork, curved scoop, detail hook, flat scoop, grinder, poker, silicone scoop, and tamper.

Travel case

Stylish silicone case with a built in wax storage jar are perfect for the dabber on the go. All your tools and product are in one place with this delightful set.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand RYOT