4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter with Rotary Crank Handle | EDIT Collection

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This 4-part aluminium herb grinder and sifter by EDIT Collection is constructed from anodized aluminum and uses a rotary crank handle to grind material with ease. Built with 4 parts, this exclusive grinder includes a stainless steel sifter screen and storage compartment.

  • Rotary Crank Handle

  • Includes Sifter Screen & Storage Compartment

  • 63mm in Diameter

  • Choice of Purple, Black and Gunmetal Accents

  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

Sifter Screen & Storage Compartment

The 4-part grinder allows the user to separate the material placed in the grinder. The first two compartments act as a multi-level system that grinds your material into finer pieces. The bottom compartment is separated by the sifter screen and helps to catch pollen or other material that fail off during the grinding process.

EDIT Collection

The Edit Collection is Everyone Does It’s very own line of water pipes, grinders, and many more smoking accessories. Skillfully designed by the EDIT team, each high-quality product proudly features the EDIT brand logo.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand EDIT Collection
Material Aluminium
Teeth Diamond
Colour Black, Clear, Grey, Purple
Diameter 51mm
Parts 4-Part
Type Rotary Crank, Sifter / Crystal Catcher