2.5 Inch Four Piece Grinder Sifter | Kannastor

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2.5 Inch Four Piece Grinder Sifter | Kannastör

This 2.5 inch sleek metal herb grinder from Kannastor is machined from top quality aluminium which has been anodized to create the smooth, durable finish.  The grinder body also features a frosted clear section which affords you a view of your remaining supply.

The Kannastor grinder measures a sizeable 2.5 inches or 63.5mm in diameter making it large enough to cope with huge loads of herbs or flavoured tobacco. The grinding action is taken care of by the razor sharp aluminium teeth which will shred your herbs to the perfect consistency every time.  Once the herbs have been pulverised, the ground up material naturally falls through the holes in the grinder plate into the sifter chamber where the fine mesh sifter catches all but the very finest crystals.
The sifter screen used is Kannastor's patented EasyChange screen which can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning or replacement without the use of tools.

A superb quality herb grinder from Kannastor that will provide it's new owner with many years of faithful service 

- Easy Change Screen™

- Frosted jar body allows you to see what's left while remaining discreet

- Properly sized drop through design and clear top prevent over shredding

- Durable aluminium construction

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 2.5" 4 piece
Weight Info 174g
Brand Kannastor
Material Aluminium, Metal
Teeth Diamond, Shark
Colour Black, Silver
Diameter 61mm
Parts 4-Part
Type Classic, Sifter / Crystal Catcher